Deployment and design

Quality from the very first moment

Deployment and design

Joint optimization of the finished part even as it is being designed: that is simultaneous engineering with STIHL. Our specialists in the fields of engineering design, production and quality assurance work closely together with our customers in project teams. And you can rely on their competence: from designing the component in a form suitable for diecasting to efficient, rational production methods.

CAD stations with up-to-date software are just as much a matter of course as consulting with the customer at short notice via remote data links. Die filling and solidification processes are simulated if necessary. In order to make development the first step in an optimum process chain, STIHL has installed a continuous CAD-CAM system from programming the milling cycles through production of the dies to saving the 3D data in the measuring machine. Result: better product quality, less machining effort, lower costs, quicker commencement of series production.

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Giving shapes to your ideas. Utmost precision is the norm for us.

Die-Making at STIHL
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