Giving shapes to your ideas


Utmost precision is the norm for us.
One of the consequences of this standard is that our customers' high quality standards are similarly guaranteed by building the dies in our own die making shop and by exclusively using high-grade hot-work tool steel, for we are convinced that whoever supplies the entire process from a single source also retains full control over the quality in every single phase.

One positive side-effect of this philosophy is that our customers can influence design changes on account of the efficient relations between development and die making.

Inspection, measurement, finishing:
many steps are involved before the die is finally complete. STIHL quality is the sum of decades of know-how and the quality awareness of our staff.
Recycling material with STIHLSTIHL Magnesium Diecsting Next Step: Melting

Spent magnesium parts are molten down at roughly 700°C and cast into ingots.

Melting at STIHL