Recycling material with STIHL


Nothing is wasted in Nature's cycle - that much we have learned, as demonstrated by our melting plant. Spent magnesium parts and recycled materials are molten down here and processed into secondary raw material without any loss of quality in comparison to the primary material.

STIHL has a melting plant with an annual capacity of around 4500 tonnes. This is a subject of growing importance in view of the manufacturer's responsibility for recycling products and conserving natural resources. Customers purchasing diecast magnesium from STIHL can be sure of working with a partner with experience in this technology. The corresponding processes, sequences and test methods have been certified and registered.

The end is also the beginning: all magnesium alloys can be molten down and recycled 100%. Purity of materials is guaranteed by identifying all cast components with a material code - yet another sign of our consistent quality philosophy.

Spent magnesium parts are molten down at roughly 700°C and cast into ingots.

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