Surface treatment

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Surface treatment

Coating magnesium diecastings in any desired colour does not pose any problems for us: Two powder-coating lines with state-of-the-art ESP technology guarantee that the coating still performs perfectly, even after years of practical use: with a perfect appearance and the best possible protection for the surface underneath.

Modern production lines guarantee a surface finish of the very best quality. Short tooling times and a quick turnaround are further arguments in favour of diecast magnesium from STIHL. In addition, the components are pretreated in a manner compatible with the material, such as degreasing and washing. Primers and adhesion promoters, on the other hand, are things of the past. Experience in working with magnesium as material is consequently one of the particular strengths of STIHL - and a further advantage for every single customer.

Machining at STIHL Magnesium Diecasting Machining

Equipped with a large variety of tools, numerous steps can be performed in direct succession with a single chucking and without expensive tool changes.

Machining at STIHL