Hot and cold-chamber diecasting under control

STIHL Magnesium Die Casting: Foundry Zoom

With a capacity of around 6000 tonnes per year, STIHL is one of the most efficient manufacturers of diecast magnesium products in Europe.

A look inside the "holy shrine" reveals state-of-the-art all-automatic production in casting cells with currently more than 20 hot and cold-chamber diecasting machines. With clamping forces of up to 900 tonnes we produce 26 million. The dies for STIHL magnesium diecasting ensure a long service life, dimensional accuracy and a high-quality surface finish. All conventional alloys and components meeting high standards are processed on our machines. Quality throughout the process is guaranteed by our magnesium know-how with direct inspection by the workers.

Surface treatment at STIHL Magnesium Diecasting Next Step: Surface treatment

Magnesium Surface treatment at STIHL